Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glass Cube Crypthouse in Natural Lighting

Cryptocube from IKEA

Aquaroids Collection

I now baptize you- Aquaroids & Wingei!!!

Got myself 4 species of Cryptocoryne (C.Bullosa, C.keei, C.ferruginea, C.striolata) and Bucephalandra’s last March courtesy of my friend Andrew Lim (Fantasyguppy.com) who brought this for me during his trip here in Dubai for the 2012 Aquarium Exposition. These aquatic aroids are wild collected specimens from Sarawak. A cool addition to my other 4 cryptocoryne species growing in emerged culture which I purchased in some Pet shops and Garden stores here in Dubai.

The House

Cryptocoryne bullosa

Cryptocoryne keei

Cryptocoryne striolata

Cryptocoryne ferruginea

Cryptocoryne moehlmannii

Cryptocoryne lingua
Cryptocoryne x willisii

Cryptocorynne wendtii