Monday, May 9, 2011

Shrimp Hills Project

Got some time working on my 'Shrimp Hills' Project

The Materials
Hardscape: Cut Rawda stone bars, Irregular-shaped Rawda stones, Natural Pea sized Construction gravel (Not Crushed), All for free taken from the Samples Library in our office heheh

Softscape: Christmas moss tied in a thin slate (Got the slates in the office as well)

Fishtank: Found it lying outside the compound gate. Somebody has thrown it heheh (maybe he got fed up with his goldfish bullying his cats)
The good thing is....
No Leaks!!!! (Im a lucky mot#erF@&K**)

Budget: ZERO!!!

Here's the Final look

Added the DIY CO2 with a chopstick diffuser for the moss to kickstart...

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